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PRAY Foundation organized its First Open Golf Tournament on 7th July, 2010. The tournament was sponsored by PHI Promotions who made all the required logistics and operational arrangements with Golfclub Dorhout Mees Biddinghuizen.


Golfclub Dorhout Mees

There were a few last minute cancellations due to unavoidable professional commitments. Despite that the tournament had 17 participants. We had participants from Tata Consultancy Services, Cyberfreight, PHI Promotions and Stream Global Services to name a few.

The participants were welcomed at the meeting area by Pranav Bhagirath.

This was followed with a great lunch organized inside the restaurant. Pranav took a few minutes there to give everyone an overview on the updated activities and status of various projects. The brief was very much appreciated by everyone with a thunderous applause.

The tournament kicked off at 1 PM with the participants divided in 4 smaller teams. There was also a special clinic organized for non-golfers under the supervision of Peter Ackerley, a PGA A professional.

Golf Clinic

TCS Benelux CEO – Mr. Shankarnarayana getting a golf lesson.


The tournament ended at 4 PM with all the teams back to the pavilion for a ‘Borrel’. 

Here the participants had the chance of sharing the proceedings of the day while enjoying some drinks and snacks. There was a lot of laughter and everyone had enjoyed the beautiful day and the event organized by PRAY.   While everyone was having fun, the organizers were busy consolidating the results to declare the winner.

It was great to hear the news that in fact today we had ‘joint winners’ and were the team of husband & wife.

The winners for the PRAY Open Golf Tournament 2010 are Mr. Harry Lammersen and his wife Mrs. Henny Lammersen

Winners Trophy

Trophy being handed over to Mrs. Lammersen

In addition to the winners of the tournament, PHI Promotions had also organized a small memento for each of the participants. Everyone loved it!!
Jacques van de Berg getting a memento to remember PRAY Open 2010

The day ended with a big thanks to the sponsors and with the promise that our next year’s event will have a bigger participation – growing on year to year basis like PRAY Foundation.

We would like to thank all the participants for being there and making this a memorable day.

We would especially like to thank Mr. Marcel Mensert and Mr. Manoj Arora of PHI Promotions for all their support and effort in making this event a success. Thanks for your continued support.

Thanks Sponsors
Manoj Arora and Marcel Mensert


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Since January 2009, the PRAY Foundation has been working to raise funds for its first major project, namely the construction of a girls school in Dibai, India.

Project area

The targets of this project are girls aged 5-16 years from poor families. A kindergarten area will also be arranged for, so that employment opportunities for the parents increase.

The objectives of this project are:

  • building a school
  • designing educational programs
  • providing door-to-door counseling to poor families regarding the value of education
  • providing education to girls from underprivileged families
  • providing a daily meal and regular medical examinations to students
  • ensuring the self-sufficiency of the school so that education can continue to run without donations

Interim report – June 2010

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