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Since January 2009, the PRAY Foundation has been working to raise funds for its first major project, namely the construction of a girls school in Dibai, India.

Project area

The targets of this project are girls aged 5-16 years from poor families. A kindergarten area will also be arranged for, so that employment opportunities for the parents increase.

The objectives of this project are:

  • building a school
  • designing educational programs
  • providing door-to-door counseling to poor families regarding the value of education
  • providing education to girls from underprivileged families
  • providing a daily meal and regular medical examinations to students
  • ensuring the self-sufficiency of the school so that education can continue to run without donations

Interim report – June 2010


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Last year Mumbai received just enough rainfall to hold on till next monsoon. But as the population of the city grows to unimaginable level, its important for a city like Mumbai to be self-sufficient in water.

It is but obvious that the current water reservoirs cannot satisfy Mumbai’s need. In fact no city has a self sustainability with respect to water and its the need to save every drop of water.

Rain water harvesting seems to be the need for the hour. A good public service message for rain water harvesting

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